Author: Jake Eley

March 29 /
March 27 /

Look what these sick guys are doing., Thanks for the exclusive content. JE… Photos by Sam Cooper. Matt says: I’m pretty lucky to have someone that loves to take photos of blading move so close…

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March 27 /

The surgeon made a right botch job of my knee last year so I’ve been getting alot of my kicks out of whizzing past cars / cyclists on the way to work in the morning.…

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March 27 /

There’s so many great photographers, as well as skaters of course and because print media isn’t getting the airtime it deserves I’ll be uploading alot of great material from UK photographers. This will be a…

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March 27 /

It’s a lovely spring day here in Sussex… and the Valo Sizemore skates have arrived into the world like a newborn lamb… (albeit with a slightly easier, less gruesome delivery). I’ll spare you all the schpeel. This…

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March 27 /

I had this up on Kingdom. But it’s the first skating photos I’ve taken in ages and I like them… so they’re going up here too. Leon says: Today was one of those days that…

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March 27 /

I’ve been having a bit of a crisis. I’ve been feeling a new blog coming on for a while now. LocoSkates blog had some great articles on it but it didn’t feel very impartial. Then I had a…

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