Haffey Nitro Circus trick list

Nitro Circus came to London today. I went. Sim Warren FORCED me to buy VIP tickets which were twice the price and meant we got a free poster and were allowed to stand in a particular area and feel important before the show. The show, of course, is amazing. The middle of the 02 arena is set up with the massive roll-in (with an extension) which leads onto the mega ramp which is a two separate stand alone movable take-offs (choose which one!) and a large resi-ramp landing. There is an airbag on the run-out. Parallel to the mega ramp is the Freestyle Moto-X jump which surprisingly is only marginally larger. The show starts with Travis Pastrana lighting a massive bomb and setting off a bunch of fireworks which moves swiftly into the intro segment which is entitled ‘Skate and BMX’. Haffey gets the first big cheer of the night a few tricks in when he laces the parallel corkscrew 900. The show runs for two and a half hours with a 20 minute break. The format is different segments like ‘Skate and BMX’, ‘FMX backflip contest’, ‘Trike session’ etc… you know it, you’ve seen the videos. The action is broken up with lots of shouting and Americanisms. Incredibly, at one stage they invite two audience members on and sit them on an FMX bike and do an actual backflip with the three of them on the bike! You are all aware of how incredible the show is (triple backflip on BMX, special-flip on FMX bike etc) so I won’t keep banging on about it. For your info though Haffey’s trick list though was as follows: Cork Parallel 900, Flatspin 540, 360 on a BMX to land on his skates (see vid below), pass-a-skateboard-to-a-bmxer-mid-air attempt, shopping trolley air, safety 360, double Flatspin 540 attempt, Fakie Zero-spin, double Flatspin 540 (landed) on the end of a train of BMXers. Tonight was really real. Chris Haffey undoubtedly has done the greatest job of exposing rollerblading to a more mainstream audience. I’ve no doubt kids will start skating as a direct result! It really felt like rollerblading was playing a major part in the whole show, not just a sideline event like we are used to. Now check out my crappy mobile phone video of Chris doing a 360 on a BMX to land on skates (no, really)… JE

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