Introducing SupercoolBlading

I’ve been having a bit of a crisis. I’ve been feeling a new blog coming on for a while now. LocoSkates blog had some great articles on it but it didn’t feel very impartial. Then I had a go at making some updates to the infamous Kingdom magazine but in the end it wasn’t my brand to mess with. I’ve come to the conclusion though, as narcissistic as it sounds; that blogging is about being one single person with opinions and views… (rather than being a company or an organisation potentially with ulterior motives). People relate to people. So here I am, Jake Eley, coming to terms with the link to a big picture of my FACE in the menu (sorry about that) and blogging under the alias I’ve got a bunch to say, alot of it about blading and I’ll try and keep it as diverse and unwanky as a blog can be. I’ve got loads of talented creative friends willing to contribute and a shop full of skates so expect photos, videos, product reviews and more. Updates will be regular from now. I’ve kept the old material from LocoSkates blog below, but it’s about to get way more bloggy! JE

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"I like skating, photography and thinking way too much into things. I run a rollerblading shop and a blading hardware company and live in Brighton, UK” – Jake