New Millership video: Exclusive

Guy Millership just made a whole 18 minute free online video release form his winter 2014/15 southwest skatepark footage, featuring a bunch of your favourite UK heads. What a treat. He’s given Supercoolblading exclusive first post on the vid as well as the following insight… [JE]

For the most part I struggle to see the appeal of winter. Granted there are some positives, like those nights when you leave work in the dark and don’t have to feel guilty about going home and doing nothing with your evening. The lack of tourist’s in Cornwall is another bonus, even if we can’t survive down here without the injection of cash they bring. There’s something to be said for the extra appeal of a hot drink after a wintery walk too.

Misty St. Michael's Mount

One things for sure, it makes dragging yourself away from the fire, or out of the warm pub to strap on those skates all the more difficult. Even so, down here in the South West we all managed to avoid hibernation to get out skating and filming almost as much as the summertime. With the emergence of countless new indoor parks thanks to the scooter boom, as well as a few dry weekends allowing some puddle dodging at the outdoor parks, this winter was a fruitful one. The South West scene is thriving at the moment, even if the term ‘South West’ does have to be taken with a pinch of salt. With our spread reaching ever further there all getting in on the act, from Cheltenham to South wales, Bristol to Bournemouth, right down to Plymouth and Cornwall.


One of the dudes down here can even see Lands End from his window. With Slaptap back up and running out of Taunton we once again have that shop that helps define a scene, much like that of Loco and Brighton over the years. Possibly the biggest factor in the recent South West push has been the relocation of Sam Cooper to Paignton. The most active photographer in the game has been busy shedding light on the area for some time now and if you haven’t seen his and Tom Laflin’s recent scene report in the latest One digital you really should find the time to check that out. With two separate video projects also in the works in this neck of the woods it’s safe to assume there’s some good quality street footage to back up all this photo exposure coming sometime in the near future.


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