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September 5 /

Guy Millership just made a whole 18 minute free online video release form his winter 2014/15 southwest skatepark footage, featuring a bunch of your favourite UK heads. What a treat. He’s given Supercoolblading exclusive first post on…

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The images of the new K2 Aggressive and Freestyle (commuting / powerblade… whatever) skates were leaked this weekend. Joey McGarry (Mushroom blading) and I (Jake) were appointed by K2 as secret agents to test the…

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June 9 /

What do Roman Abrate, Nils Jansons, Jenna Downing, Joey Egan and myself have in common? Small feet? Big aspirations? Maybe, but no: They were all victim to the rollerblading’s favourite long term crippling injury last…

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May 14 /

Check out this really interesting video from National Geographic which shows rare footage of Pyongyang city in North Korea. Skip to 02:12 (or don’t) to see a big concrete skatepark which appears to be filled with…

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April 28 /

[UPDATE 19:25 GMT | 28/04/15] The Vice UK website (not Canada) have published the mentioned article with the altered title: Against All Odds, Rollerblading Still Exists in 2015. You can still see the original title in…

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