Stephanie Richer Joins Loco

Stephanie Richer is 19 and from France. She is a straight talking perfectionist who knows exactly what she wants. She is part of a male dominated sport and she is NOT intimidated.  As technical as she is fun, I’d like to welcome her to the Loco Team as an undeniable future prospect for female Rollerblading. Steph may be a new name to you so here’s a short interview to go along with her intro video (video at bottom). Regardez…
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Steph portrait bus

Welcome to the LocoSkates team, or should I say Bienvenue a la Team LocoSkates?…
Merci ! I’m working on a edit since the Winterclash now, and it’s finally happening! I’m happy to be here.

How long have you been skating?
5 years

You seem to be winning most of the contests that you enter, why have you only just appeared now, why haven’t we heard your name before this?
I don’t know why and how, but it started at Laced when Kaltik hooked me up, then i made a few edits and everything happened from there.

What’s your skate set-up?
I skate Razors A4 with Kaltik frames and Undercover wheels

What part of France did you grow up in… what was it like growing up there, particularly for skating?
I grew up in Nice, and started skating there but skating was not that easy there on street ‘cos the city didn’t like us at all (anti skates everywhere..) and the skatepark was really expensive. I moved to Bordeaux 3 years after and that’s where I starting skating everyday! That’s a sick city for skating.


What’s BBC? (other than a British television institution!)
C’est le Bombasse Crew!! Started for a laugh with Coralie and Pauline, then Manon joined. Join us on FB haha!

Do you prefer skating with boys or girls?
I love skating with girls cause it’s something rare, but it’s sick to skate with guys cause they give motivation and ambition.

Favourite Female skater?
Chynna and Chihiro

Favourite Male skater?
Maxx Iangaev

We are just about to drop this edit to introduce you to the Loco Team. Up until today, have you experienced much Sexism in our Sport seeing as it’s nearly an all male sport? If so, what do you do to  combat it?
Sexism is something i don’t care about, i would rather keep energy for skating than fight against it!

You recently moved out of your house and decided to just travel and skate. What’s the plan? Where are you going? How long for?
I started travelling less than 2 months ago, seeing my friends and meeting people at contests, moving around loads, started with Nantes, Nice, Montpellier, England, Germany. It’s like a Europe tour! I might go to Spain in a few months and live there.

If you could live and skate anywhere in the world where would it be?
I don’t really have any place I fancy much, cause I like moving and changing spots all the time… So I would rather keep travelling as much as I could than staying in the same place!

You came to England and came 2nd at Laced contest, but you won a bunch of contests also this year, which other contests have you placed high in?
I came Rampworx randomly and placed, that was a sick comp! I won Gladiator, Sainte Maxime, Gap and Glasgow for the moment and placed 2nd last weekend in Marseille for the Probowl.

Have you travelled to England much before? How did you like Liverpool?
I never been to England before Laced, and i really enjoyed the trip, fish and chips is sick and Rampworx is amazing. I’ll definitely come back there!

What one thing would you like to achieve from Rollerblading? One thing please…
I’m not doing that for anything else than the passion. I love skating and would be sick to be around it all my life.

Catch Steph at Summerclash in Berlin this weekend.


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